Q&A: Chris Wellard

Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
Chris Wellard, Toronto, Tattoo'r

Who’s your favorite Canadian?
My grandfather, Jim.

Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? What was so attractive about them?
Not really, but I do remember when I was in Grade 2 there was a book called 'SuperBikes' that was in my school library. It was always out. When I finally got my hands on it to look at the pictures of the bikes It felt pretty awesome. I remember drawing a couple of them.

What do you think attracts artists to motorcycles, and motorcycle culture?
It's romantic.

With bikes, are superior aesthetics as important as superior functionality?
6 of one thing, 1/2 dozen of another.

Who shouldn’t own a motorcycle?
the visually impaired.

Give a little background to your work for the Soul Seekers show…
It's a picture that loosely involves motorcycles.

Why is it important for people to check out the show?
Why not...?


Source: http://www.chriswellardtattoo.com