Q&A: Ely Phillips

Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
-Ely Phillips, and I am from Long Beach, CA. I am a photographer and photo assistant. 

Who’s your favorite Canadian?
Rick Moranis 

Q: Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? What was so attractive about them?
It was my dad's BMW r75/5, I remember him riding me around the neighborhood when i was maybe six or seven. That feeling of being on a bike and jamming around just seemed so cool to me , it still dose. That first ride was probably what made me always want to have one.   

You’re going to a desert island. You can only bring one: Skateboards or Motorcycles?

Do you own/ride a motorcycle?
I had a BMW r75/6, but its still in the family as my dad's summer commuter out east.

Which of the two do you find more challenging to shoot? Why?
They both have there challenges, but skateboarding has so many more elements that are out your control that can either make or break a photo. 

What do you think attracts skateboarders to motorcycles, motorcycle culture?
I think the cultures are one in the same. Traveling, getting into trouble, and hanging out with buds. All these things are so similar in both. A good friend of mine who is an amazing motorcycle mechanic and skateboarder once jokingly told me "motorcycles are skateboards for lazy people". It's all the same shit.

Give a little background to your photo(s) for the Soul Seekers show…
Both photos were taken while riding up the Ortega Highway. My good friend Spencer Walling was in town from Chicago, and wanted to get some photos of his latest shovelhead build. Spencer is always building awesome bikes so I was stoked to get out shoot with him.  I wanted to show the landscape and give the viewer a feeling of the Ortega Highway. 


Source: http://www.elyphillips.com