Q&A: Jordan Glenn


 Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
Jordan Glen, Barrie Ontario, Jack of some trades...

Who’s your favorite Canadian?
My dad

Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? 
Yes, my dad had bikes my entire life, I have seen a baby picture of myself on an 80's sportster. 

What was so attractive about them?
Probably the idea that you could just jump on and take it anywhere.

Where do you think you’d be right now/what would you be doing if it weren’t for motorcycles?
Probably skateboarding a hell of a lot more...since I got a bike all nice days are for riding.

Why are motorcycles always “in the shop”?
When you're gonna jump em' and dump em' stuff breaks off.

Do you think that bikes will always be a part of your life? Does riding a motorcycle have a shelf life?
Bikes will always be a part of my life. There is absolutely no shelf life , ride forever.

Who shouldn’t own a motorcycle?
My mom...once when I was really young, I saw my dad trying to teach her how to ride on the driveway and she popped the clutch on his dual sport and went right through the garage door.

Give a little background to your photo(s) for the Soul Seekers show…
I usually carry some kind of 35mm camera around when I'm out for a ride, so all of the pictures are unedited and are shown just the way I took them.