Artist Interview: Eric Marshall

Contributing artist Jordan Glenn was tasked with getting some answers from his fellow photographers about life, bikes and the art that brings them together.

J:Who are you? Where are you? What do you do? 

E: Eric marshall, I currently live in winnipeg, for now.. I work on conventional oils rigs.

J: What got you interested in motorcycles? Do you remember when you first got hooked?

E: I remember waking up at 6am to my dad starting up his shovel when I was little every morning. Made me think I'll be doing the same down the road, and i am, as for hooked, happy to say my friends get me hooked on choppers, I'm a firm believer on DIY. its nice to see something you've built work.

J: Same goes for the photography, what got you into shooting photos? What kind of photo gadgets do you use?

E: As for photography, i grew up riding bmx, i was lucky enough to have friends with talent, i ended up shooting bmx for companies, had a few adds in magazines, did trips with pros, travelled for it. i did that for a couple years until i got burnt out on digital. i sold all my gear but my film. for the last two years ive been shooting film but not till in the last month i've decided to start getting everything developed. least to say im happy about shooting photos again. thankful enough that winnipeg has a huge chopper scene and i get to shoot my friends all the time. as for gear. F100 SLR, Leica minilux point and shoot, if i can i play with 120

J: When was the last time you had a good ride? 

E: Soon as the snow was gone i had my shovel on the road, probably put near 10k on my bike this summer, lots of trips, i road my bike today with a bunch of my friends today, and i will again tomorrow.

J: What happened last time you dumped your bike? If you haven't dumped your will.

E: Last time i dumped my bike was when me and chuckman took our choppers dirt biking and i nearly dropped my open chain primary on my leg haha

J: Will you be at the Soul Seekers show? Explain why if not. What are you entering into the show?

E: Trying to make it with a couple of my boys from winnipeg, unfortunately ill have to fly, with work i cant get time off to ride to toronto. if i was riding id be entering my bike 100%, but for now photos of it will have to due.