Artist Interview: Mikey Revolt

Mikey is a man on a mission. To clock serious miles on his bike(s), to link up with good humans, and to document as much if the process as possible. I caught up him between one of his many road trips to talk art, bike and Married with Children. 

B: So Mikey, fill us in on the pertinants...Name, age, where you lay your head?

M: My name is Mikey Arnold aka Mikeyrevolt, 29 as of right now but soon creeping towards 30 eeeeek. I was born, raised, and still reside in Cleveland Ohio.

B: What would an average day in the life of 14 year old Mikey Arnold consist of?

When I was 14 all that mattered was a piece of wood with 4 wheels every single day. Skateboarding was the only way of life back then, pretty sure that obsession just passed over to two wheels now. 

B: When did you start taking an interest in art. Was photography first, or were there other venues that led way to taking pictures?

M: I have always been a part of art in some way or another. I used to do a lot of drawing and painting in school. I'd constantly be filming & editing some type of independent Jackass like movies and skate videos with my friends.  I have played guitar in numerous bands, I even was in a band that was signed to a major independent label. I find beauty in the act of creating something from nothing with ideas and dreams that come from your own soul. 

B: Who are some of your influences?

M: There are way too many to mention. I would be here all day. Everyday, I find someone online that makes me ask myself "what the hell am I doing?" "My shit sucks so much compared to this!" "How the hell did they do that?"  I find it to be a huge motivator. No one is ever perfect or has perfected their craft and being able to see growth in many of the photographers I am friends with and follow in itself is a truly remarkable thing. 

B: When did you get into bikes? 

Do you have  a memory when you were 3 or younger? Most people do not, but I have a distinct memory of sitting on my "supposed real" dad's tank of his Harley. I remember him taking me on a ride around the trailer park he lived at. That moment has been ingrained in my mind forever. That first real taste of the wind in my face. Motorcycles were not a 100% focus in my entire life like some but it was constantly surrounding me. My step dad and a lot of his family were into bikes, clubs etc. From the moment I had a license I always wanted to get a bike but it took me until 3 years ago to snatch my first one up.

B: You have a sportster, if I'm correct, and I'm assuming that was your entry in the the world of Harley Davidson? But I believe I saw that you recently got your hands on a shovelhead? Do you feel as though girls look at you different? Or you have a sudden thickness to your beard you never new possible? I only ask because I to have made said jump and I'm hoping the beard thing is true. I'm Patchy McPatcherson in the facial hair department.

M: ahhaha You assumed correctly I do have a 2006 Sportster, my very first bike that I will never ever part with. As for the shovel helping your beard status I hate to tell you that is completely false. I have had gnarly facial hair since I was 13 so I was just blessed, I guess, to have a beard. My wife says that all shovels should be glitter bikes. That's what grabs her attention to shovels.. ahhahhahha

B: There are alot of great photographers out there shooting bikes and the lifestyle. You seem to focus alot on your own travels and the personalities you meet along the way. Is this by chance or by choice?

M: I love to meet new people and find out their story, their personality, the way bikes have changed their life. It's interesting to me. I think my camera just gravitates to telling stories of my travels.

B: How many miles (or kms for us Canucks) did you clock last year on that sporty?

M: Last year I put about 8000 miles, I had to google the conversion to KM ahha 12874.8km to be exact. This year I have doubled that, going to coast to coast, plus a ton of other runs. My Sporty didn't really care for me too much after my California trip. She's coming back together and I'll be riding her up to Toronto for Soul Seekers

B: What event has been your most memorable?

M: This year we went up for Oily Souls in Detroit. After the show, the Venturos guys gave us a small tour of the city and everything just felt lawless. There was racing, wheelies, surfing, even roman candle battles while riding. The shit was epic and chaotic. 

B: Alright, all great things must come to an end, and I need to get back to my Married with Children marathon, any last words?

M: I just wanted to thank Lyndsey for Inviting me out to Soul Seekers to help share my vision and you, Brian, for this wonderful interview. Now go watch Al and the No ma'am crew some more! Cheers man.

You can find Mikey through the following venues:  

IG: @Mikeyrevolt

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