Jason Parker - What drives you?

Jason Parker has been building cars and motorcycles for 25 years, more than half his life. I’ve know him for many of these years and get a kick out of seeing him continue to push himself and attack each build he does with the same passion and attention to detail each time. When I asked him what drives and inspires you? Is there something that you take with you for each and every bike you build? This was his response:

“I see old pictures from the late 50’s and early 60’s, kind of Pre Viet Nam era, before everyone was all long haired, bearded and with the “hippy” thing going on. It was a bunch of young clean cut guys riding around on these bikes. The bikes I’m talking about weren’t drastically customized, but it was clear that what they did was their own. This was well before the long front ends and crazy shit that was to come around.

Also the stuff I’ve seen and have been exposed to in East LA really influenced on me, bikes from back in that time, the stuff was so classy and not too crazy, just “clean and nice”. I’m not sure exactly how to put it, but you see in the old pictures, the bikes were still Harleys, they had just skinny fenders, it was like everyone was trying to get a Triumph look. I really liked that late 50’s into the early 60’s style. That time has made a deep impression on me. I love it when I look at old magazines that I collect, when I read up on things, I’ll come across a 1968 magazine or something, and read that they are referring to the type of bikes I build today as “old style” being back in the 60’s, not really “old style” but “old time” bikes. To see that even back in the late sixties, the style I do and love at that time was even considered “old style” really means a lot.

I like the innocence of that era, no bullshit, no mail order, no internet . . . These guys were pioneers, the first, no reference point, just little areas doing their own thing, from paint to fab to motors . . . I don’t know . . . I get all worked up when i see all those low quality photos. They just got that mystique and charm... the classiness. No matter what I build, I reach back to capture the spirit of what these guys were doing. But really, as hard as I try, we’re just not hitting it like those dudes. No where close.”

- Jason Parker, www.jasonparkerracecars.com


Come out to the show on the 27th and see Jason’s work, it speaks for itself.  

Photos: downloaded from somewhere on the internet
By: Honrio Cham of Throttle