Artist Interview: Remi Theriault

Remi and I may not go way back. But that really doesn't matter with people like him. He has an uncanny ability to make friends with strangers, including myself a couple of years ago. We shared a tent on a bike run down to Vermont last spring because he "didn't have time to get one" basically within a week or so of officially meeting. I know what was up...Artist's being "artists"... But we made it through that and have been buds ever since. His ability to make strangers love him is only over shadowed by his skills standing behind the lens. Below is a text message interview between us that is no really very different from the average day of distracting one another from our day jobs. 

Now for some of Remi's fantastic photos.

You can seem more images from Remi at

or follow him on Instagram at @remitheriault