Q&A: Kyle Hollingdrake

Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
Kyle Hollingdrake, Toronto, tattooer

Who’s your favourite Canadian?
Eddie Boyd

Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? What was so attractive about them?
I don't remember the first bike I saw but it was my wife's idea to get a bike. I just do whatever she says. 

What do you think attracts artists to motorcycles, and motorcycle culture?
Artists are soft nerds who need to look cool like everyone else. 

With bikes, are superior aesthetics as important as superior functionality?
Cars are safe and functional but nobody's doing an art show dedicated to the minivan

Who shouldn’t own a motorcycle?
Wimps and poseurs. Probably Artists.

Give a little background to your photo(s) for the Soul Seekers show…
I'm working on reverse glass airbrush and oneshot for the show. Hopefully it works out well because my plan b isn't that cool.

Why is it important for people to check out the show?
There's a lot of us out there who like bikes in Toronto but we don't have much of a culture or community established yet. Soul Seekers is a great place to come look at what Toronto has to offer the new motorcycle culture. Come bet involved and get off the Internet.


Source: http://hollingdraketattoos.com