Q&A: Pat Moore

Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
Patrick Moore. Toronto. Visual Effects artist. 

Who’s your favorite Canadian?
John Candy

Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? What was so attractive about them?
A friend of my parents got a harley and brought it by the house the first day he took it out. I remember it being really loud. At that time I actually had no interest in bikes. Shortly after seeing this first Harley I saw my first motorcycle accident too. I pretty much only remember the sparks from the bike sliding across the road. 

Do you own/ride a motorcycle?
Not yet, working on it. 

Dream bike shoot?
A group of knuckles or pan heads on a road trip down route 66. 

Who shouldn’t own a motorcycle?

Give a little background to your photo(s) for the Soul Seekers show…
The photo was taken in california, June of last year. I was shooting my friends in a motorcycle club (set free soldiers) while on a ride into the desert with members from 3 different chapters. There was close to 50 guys in total, it was crazy to see that many club members riding together on the highway. 

Why is it important for people to check out the show?
People should check out the show because if you're actually into bikes you can see some great ones without having to go to born free. I can't think of any other bike event in Canada really thats like this show. Plus you'll be around a great group of bike enthusiasts. 


Source: http://patmoore.ca