Q&A: Ryan Allan

Q: State your name, geographical location and occupation?
Ryan Allan, Southern California, Photographer

Who’s your favorite Canadian?
My parents. They pushed me to go after a life that I love. A lot of parents don’t do that.

Do you remember the first time you saw a bike? What was so attractive about them?
Don’t recall the first time but they were always in my life. My dad was always building or riding one.

You’re going to a desert island. You can only bring one: Skateboards or Motorcycles?
Motorcycle seems like a much better idea. Does this island have a shell station?

Do you own/ride a motorcycle?
Nope. Maybe once my midlfe crisis sets in.

Which of the two do you find more challenging to shoot? Why?
Skateboarding because everything on a motorcycle looks cool. Not so much on a skateboard. IE mongo

What do you think attracts skateboarders to motorcycles, motorcycle culture?
It has a similar “no fucks given” attitude. Similar rush once yer too old to get it from skating.

Give a little background to your photo(s) for the Soul Seekers show…
Arto Saari had just bought a Chinese sidecar bike and was so into it that he brought it everywhere.

He trailered it out to the desert for a skate trip we were on. A couple hours after this photo was taken Arto flipped the bike with his friend in the sidecar. I thought I witnessed a friend die but he somehow just compressed into the sidecar. No damage. 

Source: http://www.ryanallan.com